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121Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Security Vulnerability found – please read the intro! @ionic/vue first alpha release and more!


Important news this week – due to a security vulnerability found in a package called flatmap-stream it is highly recommended to reinstall the global version of Vue-CLI using those commands:

For Yarn users:

yarn global remove @vue/cli 
yarn global add @vue/cli

For Npm users:

npm uninstall -g @vue/cli 
npm install -g @vue/cli

It’s also recommended that you check your other projects for the malicious version of the library by using yarn why flatmap-stream or npm list -g event-stream flatmap-stream.

Solution provided by the awesome Guillaume Chau. 👏

— Damian Dulisz


A Vue from Ionic | The Official Ionic Blog

@ionic/vue is now in alpha. Ionic is a framework that essentially provides a collection of UI components for building high-quality, cross-platform apps. While it’s too early to be used in production, they’re hoping Vue developers will try it out and give them their feedback.

Conference Talks – Connect.Tech

Two more talks from Connect.Tech have been posted over at Vue Mastery, now with 9 Vue video talks from the conference:

Vue and Vuex, the good the bad and the ugly – by Filipa Lacerda

Slides from Filipa’s talk from Vue Toronto. Her talk video will be up next week on Vue Mastery’s conference page.

VueJS Roadtrip Berlin slides

Take a browse through the slides from the conference late last week in Berlin.

Building An Interactive Infographic With Vue.js

Whether you’re adding a branded loading indicator, or visualizing data, Vue is the framework of choice for leading web animators. So if you’ve been curious on how to get started with this topic, a new article by Krutie Patel walks through building an interactive infographic.

Accessible routing with Vue.js

Marcus Hermann is gathering strategies for making Single Page Applications more accessible, and in a blog this week he discusses how navigation around a SPA can be difficult for users on assistive devices. He builds functionality into Vue Router that may make it into a future release of the library.

Vue for jQuery Developers

In this post you’ll learn the fundamental components of Vue.js for developers already familiar with jQuery. Get started faster with this introduction to Vue.

Vuex Explained Visually

Vuex is a library that tends to be quite daunting for people that had no previous experience with the a flux-like pattern. In this article Adam Jahr from Vue Mastery explains how Vuex works with 200+ animations.

Organize and decouple your API calls in Nuxt.js

As your Nuxt app grows, so does your backend. With time, your API evolves from a hand full of endpoints into an enormous jungle of resources. And you want to stay the king of the jungle! Learn to organize and abstract your API resources in this post.

Integrating Django and VueJs with Vue CLI 3 and django-webpack-loader

If you want to use Vue.js with Django, the Python framework, but have found a lack of resources on how to integrate it with Vue, check out this post by Rodrigo Smaniotto using the Vue CLI 3 and django-webpack-loader.

How to add push notifications to a progressive web app

A common feature of Progressive Web Applications is push notifications. They’re a great tool a site can use to their advantage, but they can be a bit tricky to implement. This week Pim Hooghiemstra shows us how to implement them in a tutorial that uses Laravel on the backend.

Building an Electron File Explorer with Quasar (and Vue)

Last week Jeff Galbraith wrote up an advanced tutorial showing how he built a local file explorer with electron using Quasar. If you need to build a desktop app using Vue and Electron that interacts with the filesystem, definitely check this one out.


Vue Eva Icons


Simply beautiful open source Eva icons as Vue components.