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125Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Welcome back after the break! Check out the official Vue.js roadmap for 2019!

Hello everybody!

Good to be back after the holidays break. I hope you had a great time during holidays and and an awesome New Year so far! 🎉

We received plenty of submissions through our submit-your-story page (too much to put in just one issue), that’s why we will take a few weeks to get through all of them. Thanks to everyone who submitted a story this way by the way! 💚 It makes our work so much easier.

As for New Year’s resolutions – here’s the official Vue roadmap for the first 3 quarters of 2019. You can use it to track the progress on version 3.0.

Cheers! — Damian Dulisz & An Phan


Vue's Official Roadmap

What do people start a new year with? That’s right, the New Year’s resolution! With Vue, it’s the official roadmap where we laid out our plan for the first three quarters of 2019. Be sure to check it out and build up your plans accordingly.

2018 JavaScript Rising Stars

It’s time to look back at the JavaScript landscape in 2018. Can you guess what the most popular project was?

Star Rating — Make SVG Great Again

A walkthrough of how I built a generic, highly customizable Vue star rating component (like Google Play’s rating mechanism).

Progressive Emails Using Vue + MJML

Sending transactional emails is something almost every developer has to do at least once in their career. Let’s face it though – emails are not the most straightforward thing on earth. In this article, Terence Bezman discusses tackling the task with the joined force of Vue and MJML.

Building a Simple Virtual DOM from Scratch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of years, you must have heard of Virtual DOM, the building block of front-end frameworks like Vue and React. In this article, excellently crafted by Jason Yu, you’ll learn how to write your own Virtual DOM as well. Granted, the implementation is still basic, but should help you understand the concept better nevertheless.

Seven Reasons to learn Vue.js in 2019

As a subscriber to this newsletter, most likely you don’t need a reason to learn Vue. If any of your friends is still not convinced however, this article from Ross will back you up.

Vue Drum Machine - Part 1

Porting Ken Wheeler’s drum machine from React to Vue. In part one we go through the project and set it up using the Vue CLI. Project code

Including Markdown Content in a Vue or Nuxt SPA

For us developers, Markdown is hands down (no pun intended!) the most beloved format for static content. In this article, Anthony teaches us how to include Markdown content in a Vue or Nuxt SPA. Now you have no excuse left to not start your awesome blog, really.

VueDose – Learn Vue Dose by Dose

Tips and tricks about Vue and its ecosystem, for busy developers.


GitHub - egoist/lit-vue


🔥 Vue SFC goodies directly in JavaScript files.