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126Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Conference news for the next 3 months; RFC process for Vue 3.0 starts now;

Hey there,

As the work on Vue 3.0 goes forward we reached the point where the first of many RFCs (request for comment) has been created. The RFC process is here to provide a consistent way for introducing new features and breaking changes to the framework core in cooperation with the community.

This RFC is specifically about scoped-slots and how they should look like in 3.0. If you’re interested – take a look.

The biggest conferences of 2018 are back for the 2nd editions! In February, we will see each other back in Amsterdam for Vue.js Amsterdam. Then in March, the official VueConfUS takes place in Tampa, Florida.

What you might have not known, is that just a month later, on 12th of April, there will be VueDay in Verona, Italy. If you’d like to speak there is still a chance – the CFP ends on 1st February.

Cheers, — Damian Dulisz


RFCs for substantial changes / feature additions to Vue core 3.0

The repo where are the incoming changes to the Vue.js core will be discussed using the RFC format.

February 14-15 - Vue.js Amsterdam

Vuejs Amsterdam 2019 will continue the legacy and once again be (probably) the largest Vue.js Conference in the world. Get 10% off a ticket by using discount code VueMastery.

March 25-27 - VueConf US in Tampa, FL

VueConf.US is the official Vue.js conference in the USA, with a 3 day event on all things Vue. Get $50 off of 2-day conference ticket using code VUEMASTERY50 or $50 off of any 3-day conference+workshop combo using VUEMASTERYWS50

April 12th, VueDay 2019, Verona, Italy – Call for papers until 1st February

Vue conferences come to Italy, to the beautiful city of Verona! Want to speak there? Hurry up, the call for papers process lasts until 1st February.

Incoming workshop: Proven patterns for building Vue apps by Chris Fritz

In Switzerland Chris Fritz will be teaching a workshop covering everything you need to know to get started building world-class Vue applications.

10 Best Tips for Learning Vue from Vue Masters

If you were to share a tip to those learning Vue, what would it be? Gregg Pollack from VueMastery has asked this question to several experienced Vue developers. You can find their answers in this article.

Improve performance on large lists in Vue

Here’s a nice little trick using Object.freeze to improve the app performance when working with large lists, where it is not necessary to actually have reactivity for each of the list elements. Think a list of users where you won’t be directly mutating each of those users.

Build a Beautiful Website with VuePress and Tailwind.css

I’m personally a huge fan of Tailwind.css so it’s great to see it getting more traction. Here’s a nice article by Jen Looper, that walk you through the process of building a static website (generated by VuePress) combined with Tailwind.css. A great combination if you want to create simple website, documentation pages or even a small blog.

Selectively enable SSR or SPA mode in a Nuxt.js app

SSR comes with certain caveats, including no access to APIs like the LocalStorage on server-side. But what if you could enable SSR only for pages where SEO is needed and use the “traditional” SPA mode elsewhere? You can! Learn how in this article.

Give Users Control Over App Updates in Vue CLI 3 PWAs

Creating a fully functional progressive web apps is pretty easy when using Vue CLI 3 with the PWA plugin. But how can you update such an app once it has already been installed? In this article, Doug Allrich explains how you can do just that by periodically checking for new versions of the app using the service worker.

When to “componentize” from the point of Vue

One of my favourite topics when it comes to Vue.js – when and how to create new components out of your code. In this article, Shailen Naidoo goes through several types of components and explains how to look for them in your application code. He also started a YouTube series where he walks through an existing application and breaks it down into components.

Vue Route Component Hooks

Although routing might seems as a rather straightforward topic it can get quite complicated once your application requirements grow. Especially in universal (SSR) applications. Here’s an advanced article on the router lifecycle hooks / guards and which one to use for different kinds of actions, starting from permission checks to data fetching. Great write-up!

Watch for Vuex State changes!

Do you know that Vuex also has a watch-like functionality? Or that you can also subscribe and react to different mutations being committed? Well, now you do. Read this article by Vinicius Kiatkoski to learn how you can apply this knowledge.