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127Tuesday, January 22, 2019
More pro-tips from Vue experts, how to make the window object properties reactive and more!


if you’re interested in the RFC process of Vue 3.0 check out the two new proposals related to the way filters work and dynamic directive arguments.

If you think about participating in the VueConf US, you might want to check out the one of the workshops that will happen during the first day. Also, if you identify yourself as a women, you might want to check out the free VueVixens workshop too!

Have a great week, — Damian Dulisz


GraphQL & Apollo in Vue

Learn how to use GraphQL with Apollo in a Vue.js app.

Measure runtime performance in Vue apps – VueDose #2

Have you know about the performance mode inside Vue? It activates the User Timing API and makes it possible to easily measure your app runtime performance using the performance tab of your browser dev tools.

10 Vue.js Pro Tips from Vue Masters

Last week we shared with you some tips for those that are just starting with Vue. Today we got you another series of tips, this time directed to more advanced users. Check them out!

Reactive Window Parameters in VueJS

Here’s a great trick that allows you to treat window related properties – like the current scroll value – as if those were reactive. The trick is to create a new instance of Vue (similar to how you can create event buses) that registers the required listeners on the window object and assigns them to a local state. Then you can use that state in your other components. Neat!

Building a Desktop App with Vue: NW.js

Natalia continues a series of article focused on building desktop applications with Vue.js. This time using NW.js (previously known as node-webkit), which is a pretty similar solution to Electron. If you want to learn how to get started with the tool, check out the article.

Build tagging with Vue-Multiselect and Laravel Tags

A cool article on how to use the Vue-Multiselect library combined with Laravel Tags, to implement a tagging system for a HR-related application.

Learn How To Build A Data-Driven Search UI With Vue.js

An interesting article on how to build a powerful search view with Vue.js and ElasticSearch, by using a component library called ReactiveSearch.

Realtime Face Recognition

Have you heard about TensorFlow? Are you into AI? Read this cool article on how to use face recognition to build an app that will recognise the people on the pictures it receives in real-time.

Lessons Learned on Writing Apps with NativeScript VueJS

Another great article to get your started with NativeScript-Vue as well as walks you through the development of GitNews – a hybrid mobile app that shows trending repositories from GitHub, HackerNews and Reddit!

Fallback for Blocked Iframes: A (Crude) Solution with Vue.js

It’s hard to provide good UX when an iframe fails to load, as iframes don’t provide an error event. Here’s a rough way of detecting a failed iframe and providing a fallback using Vue.js.


GitHub - bencodezen/vuepress-blog-boilerplate


An ever-evolving and opinionated dev environment for people who want to use VuePress to power their blogs.



A Vue-powered Issue-based Comment Plugin

MH Portfolio Vue.js and GSAP Template


A free template that uses GSAP and Vue.js to create an animated portfolio page.