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128Tuesday, January 29, 2019
#128: New releases: Vue.js v2.6.0-beta.2 and Nuxt v2.4! DYI VueVixens workshops and more!


great news this week. New Vue.js core library beta has been released and includes some of the recently discussed (RFCs) changes like the new v-slot syntax.

Also, Nuxt.js has hit the version 2.4.0 with the long awaited TypeScript support and smart prefetching. Congrats to the whole Nuxt.js team!

Always wanted to attend one of the VueVixens workshops but didn’t had the chance? You can now do those workshops yourself at home. The workshop website also includes some mini and nano exercises to polish up your Vue skills.

Oh, and if you – by any chance – would like to show your support for my work on this newsletter, the Vue.js News website or one of the libraries that I started, you can do that now by getting me a cup of coffee! ☕️ Thanks!

— Damian Dulisz


Nuxt.js v2.4.0 is out! TypeScript, Smart prefetching and more...

Nuxt.js v2.4.0 is out! TypeScript, Smart prefetching and more...

Wow! Nuxt.js v2.4.0 is finally here with tons of useful changes. First of all, TypeScript is now fully supported. The new version also comes with the support for prefetching all the nuxt-links that are in the current viewport resulting in a huge perceived performance gain; improved HMR for Vuex related actions and better autocompletion thanks to Vetur. More to come thanks to the new RFC process that will be used now for future releases.

Vue Vixens Workshops

You probably already heard about VueVixens and their great contribution to the Vue.js community. Now they are also sharing all their workshop content with everyone. So if you missed one of their events, you can now go through all of the workshops (full-day, mini) and other nano exercises at home, whenever you want.

Buy Damian Dulisz a Coffee

I admit, it’s a bit awkward for me to mention it here… If you enjoy the Vue.js News or maybe one of the libraries that I started: Vue-Multiselect, Vuelidate or Vue-Global-Events and you would like to say thanks, here’s a great way to do that. I mean, I really enjoy a good coffee!

What the Tick is Vue.nextTick?

If you had problems with the DOM not being updated when you try to access it inside your methods, it might be because the updates to the DOM are introduced asynchronously and in batches. That’s why you have to wait for the update to complete. To do that, you can use Vue.nextTick and this article explains how exactly it can be used.

Nuxt.js and TypeScript as of Jan 2019

Building a Nuxt based application? Would you like write it using TypeScript? Here’s a guide on how to do it for both versions <= 2.3 as well as the new version 2.4.

Rebuilding My Blog in Vue: Part 1

A new series where Michael Thiessen goes through several strategies and tools for building a blog as an alternative to Gatsby. The contenders: Vuepress, Gridsome, Nuxt and Vue-CLI. If you plan on build a blog-like website yourself, this is something to keep track of.

How to add Internationalization to a Vue Application

What a great article! If you need internationalization (translations) for your Vue app, Jennifer Bland has written an awesome guide on how to do just that using Vue-i18n. Check it out.

How to Preview Images Before Uploading Them in Vue

Here’s a common problem – how to preview images that are being uploaded? Taha Shashtari shows how to do it in Vue.

How to build a Single Page Application using Vue.js, Vuex, Vuetify, and Firebase

Looking for a complete tutorial on how to build a Vue SPA that also utilizes Vuex, Vuetify and Firebase? Check out this article by Jennifer Bland.


GitHub - hybridwebdev/hover-intent-vue


It’s goal is to determine a user’s intention when hovering over an element by triggering a mouseover event when the cursor position has slowed down enough.