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137Wednesday, April 10, 2019
VueConf.TO Call for Papers; Nuxt.js v2,6 is out; 4 new RFCs for Vue! 2nd edition of VueDay in Alicante;


VueConf.us was complete blast, but that’s not the only North American conference that’s worth visiting. There’s another conference called VueConf.TO in Toronto, Canada. And I heard it’s pretty amazing! It’s happening in November and if you would like to speak there, here’s the call for paper!

If you don’t want to wait until November, or you’re simply based in Europe – make sure to check out the VueDay conference in Alicante, Spain! The date is Friday, May 31.

There are few new releases: Nuxt.js v2.6, Portal-Vue v2.0, Vue-Router v3.0.3.

Damian Dulisz & Phan An


VueConfTO 2019 - Call For Papers

VueConfTO 2019 - Call For Papers

VueConf Toronto 2019 Call for Papers

Release v2.6.0 · nuxt/nuxt.js · GitHub

Nuxt.js v2.6.0 has been released. There are no breaking changes in this release. However, if you had some issues with v2.5 on production, make sure to read the release notes since the issues have been resolved.

Vue Day 2019 | May 31 in Alicante

The 2nd edition of Vue Day is here: a whole day to learn about your favorite framework from local, national and international speakers. See you on Friday May 31 at Panoramis Cinema, next to the beautiful Port of Alicante. Brought to you by Alicante Frontend.

Form Validation in Under an Hour with Vuelidate

As web developers, we all have worked with forms in one way or another. Let's admit it: Form validation can be very annoying (read: PITA) to deal with. Fortunately, there are Vue plugins like VeeValidate and Vuelidate to help you with the task. This excellent article from Vue core member Sarah Drasner demonstrates how to add validation to your forms, from basic to advanced, in less than one mere hour – be sure to check it out!

An (Almost) Comprehensive Guide on Using Storybook with Nuxt.js

It's no secret: We all love Nuxt, the universal Vue.js framework. We are also big fans of Storybook, one of the best (if not the best itself) UI component development tools out there. So if you're like us, this Nuxt/Storybook integration guide from Lawrence Braun is a must read!

Simple Photo App with Vue.js, Axios and Flickr API — Part 1

We'll go straight to the point here: You can't afford to miss this if you're new to Vue. Nathan Magyar will walk you through crafting an application with Vue CLI, working with the component system, utilizing a CSS preprocessor, interacting with a JSON-based API using axios, and format datetime values with moment.js – all in a 9-minute long article. And guess what: This is only the first part of a series!

How to Add Charts and Graphs to a Vue.js Application

Charts and graphs are a great way to provide a visual representation of data. In this article, Jennifer shows you how easy it is to create visually appealing charts in a Vue.js application with echarts, one of the most widely-used chart libraries out there, and vue-echarts, a Vue plugin that wraps around echarts.

Vue During Coffee Break - Using v-model with Custom Components

In this short article, Filip Rakowski from Vue Storefront explains how v-model works and how it can be applied to every Vue component, not just form input elements. We have covered the same topic in the official Vue documentation, but it's always good to have an alternative learning resource.

Code Sharing with NativeScript-Vue

Jen Looper of the great Vue Vixens is back, this time with an article on how to share the same code base among three different platforms – web, iOS, and Android – with the brand-new NativeScript Vue CLI plugin. There's also a beautiful demo: a web, iOS, and Android app to build and display mandalas. Now that's what we call “Write once, run anywhere!”

Creating a Quasar Framework Application with AWS Amplify Services (Part 1/4)

NativeScript is not the only solution for writing native Vue applications though! In this tutorial from Michael Freeman, you will learn how to create and deploy a Quasar V1.0 (beta) application using the AWS Amplify CLI. Michael will also talk about authentication using AWS Cognito, a GraphQL API layer from AWS AppSync configured for a DynamoDB back-end and AWS ElasticSearch, cloud hosting through AWS CloudFront and AWS S3, and more.

Vue.js and D3: A Chart Waiting to Happen

If you have ever worked with visualizations in JavaScript, chances are you've heard of D3, the de-facto JavaScript library for data visualization. As powerful and popular as it is though, D3 can sometimes be perceived to have a pretty steep learning curve. In this article, which actually is a summary of a talk he gave at the Vue.js Antwerp meetup, Simon Wuyts shows how combining D3 and Vue can make the quest for the perfect data visualization a whole lot easier.


Portal-Vue 2.0


PortalVue the library that allows you to teleport your components to different locations in the DOM tree has a reached version 2.0. New docs are available at [portal-vue.linusb.org](https://portal-vue.linusb.org)