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148Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Evan You talks about Framework Design; Support the Vue Newsletter; Try out the Vue 3.0 Function API RFC and more


have you been wondering how front-end frameworks are being designed? Evan You had recently given a pretty great talk at JSConf.Asia on that topic – check it out!

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Damian Dulisz


Evan You on Vue.js: Seeking the Balance in Framework Design

"Seeking the Balance in Framework Design" talk by Evan You at JSConf.Asia 2019

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Vue 3 Function API Plugin First Look! With Example!

Vue.js 3.0 RFC plugin is out! In this video I explain how to use the plugin and how you can use the Vue Function API in your Vue 2.0 apps. Check it out!

Advanced internationalization system for Vuex

Here’s a pretty good on how to build a custom i18n (translations) system for your Vue app that is based on Vuex. It covers how to fetch the translations, use them in your app, persist them in localStorage and then invalidate the local cache whenever it’s needed.

The Magic of Vue's Dynamic Components For Lists of Data

Dynamic components in Vue are an extremely powerful tool that often helps to simplify your templates and in general, improves the application’s code quality, as it forces you to create new components, which is usually a good thing. Read this article to learn more on how to utilize them.

Creating a Tinder-like Swipe UI on Vue

Do you have a cat? Are you looking for a mate for your cat? Then you’ve got to try out Kittynder! But first you probably need to build it yourself and this article shows you how. Well, at least the dragging/swiping part. Good read!

Working With Functional Vue.js Components

Functional components come with some performance benefits, mostly due to not having to create a new Vue component instance. However, their API is slightly different compared to regular components. For example, the way Vue forwards the listeners and static/dynamic classes differs greatly. This article covers some of the differences, so make sure to read it.

Deploying a Vue App with Netlify

There are multiple places where you can deploy your Vue app, but one of the most straightforward ones is definitely Netlify – I use it for most of my apps and I’m extremely happy with it. Here’s how to set it up quickly for a typical Vue-CLI based app.

Really typing Vue

Thinking about writing your next Vue app with TypeScript? Here’s a more advanced guide on how to get the most out of it, for example on how to enable typing of your template code with Vetur.


GitHub - mateuszRybczonek/vue2-interact


[interact.js](https://interactjs.io/) wrapper component for Vue.js apps

GitHub - quasarframework/app-extension-icon-genie


*Make all the icons for your app. A quasar-1.0+ app-extension and stand-alone CLI.*