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159Friday, October 4, 2019
Nuxt.js v2.10.0 released along with a new homepage! Polish Vue Vixens chapter and more!

Hello everybody,

it's An here this time with a massive Oktoberfest hangover (note to self: 3 liters of weißbier might be a little too much for an empty stomach).

Some of you must already be at Vue.js London this weekend to enjoy the great talks from some of the best speakers in the Vue-world (and a remote key note from Evan You himself!)

For those who didn't manage to grab a ticket: No worries, more conferences and meetups are already planned. And, of course, at the end of the day we'll always have this newsletter!

And if you want to feed your FOMO, follow the #vuejslondon Twitter hashtag.


An Phan


Announcing Bit for Vue Public Beta

Share and reuse Vue components between projects and applications. Build a reusable Vue component design system from real code. Build, distribute and collaborate over Vue components. Build as a team.

Unit Testing in Vue: What to Test?

We've definitely covered unit testing in Vue in the past, but there are always more to learn, especially when you're new to the topic. This time, Dan from VueMastery answers some of the most important questions when it comes to unit testing:

  • Why should we write tests?
  • What should we (not) test?
  • What tools are available out there?

Before you ask, this is only the beginning of a series, so make sure you follow it though!

Four Ways to Pass Data from Laravel to Vue

People say Laravel and Vue are a match made in heaven, and I wholeheartedly concur. After all, both are super beginner-friendly, come with the most elegant syntaxes, and have some of the best documentations out there! That said, one of the most asked questions when developing with this combo is how to pass data from Laravel to Vue. In this article, Andrew will give you the answer – I mean answers.

Building Chrome Extensions with Vue.js

Extensions are a great way to enhance our browsing experience. I, for example, can't imagine how to live without uBlock and Grammarly. Have you ever tried writing your own browser extension, though? If the answer is “no,” you're in luck: This article from Simon will teach you how to build a Chrome extension with Vue.js from scratch.

Dependency Injection in Vue.js with Functional Component Factories

Dependency Injection, or DI in short, is a common design pattern that decouples the usage of an object from its creation, which (among other benefits) helps reduce boilerplate code and make unit testing easier. While not exactly the most basic technique, DI is certainly something you'd want to get a hold of to become a better developer. In this article, Markus introduces us to one interesting method to use DI in Vue – are you ready to dive in?

15 Must-Have Vue Directives That Will Significantly Maximize Your Productivity

From input masking to a clipboard helper, from tooltips to dummy texts, here come the 15 ultra useful Vue directives to aid you in the next project, neatly collected by Nada Rifki. Know one that's not listed? Well, we await your PR at awesome-vue 😉.


Vue Currency Input


Easy input of currency formatted numbers for Vue.js