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165Thursday, November 14, 2019
Vue.js Devtools crossed the 1M weekly active users; New Quasar release – v1.4; Slides from VueConf Toronto and more

Hey there,

I’m glad to let you know that I’m finally back to writing the newsletter after my travels and conference preparations. I’m sure you might have not missed me much, since An did an amazing job during my absence. He’s pretty amazing, don’t you agree?

VueConf Toronto has been amazing – definitely one of my favorite conferences ever! If you haven’t been there last week, make sure to get there next year. Great talks, cozy atmosphere and amazing people! Check out the Twitter #VueToronto hashtag to get a feeling how the event looked like.

All the slides are already available here.

By the way – here’s one of my favorite tweets by Sarah Dayan that sums up and answer to one of the questions asked towards the core team during the Q&A session.

Hope you have a great week!

Damian Dulisz


Quasar v1.4.0 released!

The biggest addition in this release would probably the Intersection Component that allows you to easily react to components becoming visible when the user scrolls them into view. Another new thing is the new mapping feature for QIcon component that allows you to add support for new icon libraries.

All Slides from VueConf Toronto 2019

Here are all the slides from the amazing talks at VueConf Toronto! Check them out!

Hello Vue 3: A First Look at Vue 3 & the Composition API

In this video tutorial, Dan Vega is building two versions of a small application – one with Vue 2.x and the other one with the alpha build of Vue 3.0, using the Composition API.

An Early Look at the Vue 3 Composition API in the Wild

Here’s another great article on the Composition API that goes beyond basic examples and instead refactors a rather big component coming from a real project. It really highlights one of the biggest benefits of the new API – a clean way to separate different functionalities of a component and allowing for sharing those with other components.

Reducing Redundant Repetition

Another great article by Michael, who I finally had a chance to meet at VueConfTO a few days ago. This week, he writes about extracting repeatable code and what to look for when building abstractions.

Reusable Functional Vue.js Components with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a hot topic right now in the Vue community not without a reason. It’s super flexible and easy to use. Check out this new article by Markus. It includes a very useful trick on how to make sure PurgeCSS won’t remove some of your dynamic CSS classes. Good read!

React developers will love the Vue Composition API

An interesting article on the Vue Composition API from the perspective of a React developer. It talks a bit about the differences with React Hooks and walks through a refactor process from the options-based API.

HYS #1 - Quasar 1.3.0

Scott goes through some of the recent features of Quasar. If you’re using the framework or are just curious about it – read the article. It’s amazing how the framework grew from when I first heard about it a few years ago.

Creating a Pinterest style image gallery in Vue

Pinterest has a very specific way of showing the gallery and here’s a tutorial to show you how you can build it in Vue using the Unsplash API to get some sample images.


Vue Timeline | Build beautiful responsive timelines


One easy-to-use component to build beautiful responsive timelines.