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166Thursday, November 21, 2019
eslint-plugin-vue v6.0 released; Speakers announced at VueConfUS and Vue.js Amsterdam;


I’m happy to let you know that the speaker lists at the both VueConf.US and Vue.js Amsterdam have been announced! There are some new faces I’m very excited to see talking. The conference dates also happen to be around the end of Q1, so we should be very close to the planned Vue 3.0 release.

Speaking of releases – the eslint-plugin-vue has been updated to v6.0, which now supports Eslint v6.0. Great work to everyone that’s been involved!

Cheers, — Damian Dulisz


v6.0.0 · vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue · GitHub

Eslint-plugin-vue v6.0.0 has been released! This includes support for Eslint v6.0. Along with the eslint plugin release, other eslint-related libraries have also been updated: eslint-config-typescript and eslint-config-prettier.

Vuetensils v0.4 released – Austin Gil

The latest release of Vuetensils (a Vue UI framework that is focused on accessibility) comes with 2 new components and several handy directives.

The Most Important Feature in Vue

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Computed properties are the most important feature in Vue. Sure, scoped slots let you create some nice abstractions and watchers are useful too. But I don't think anything comes close to how valuable computed props are.

#28 Easily switch to Composition API in Vue.js 3

A step by step guide on how to migrate a Vue.js component from the traditional Object API to the modern Composition API, easy and in a cheatsheet format.

Production-ready Vue SSR in 5 Simple Steps

Usually when working with SSR in Vue, developers opt to use one of the frameworks on top of Vue: Nuxt.js, Quasar or Gridsome. However, sometimes you might need to build a SSR solution yourself. This does require some more work on your end though. This article gives a nice introduction on how to set up a production ready SSR project. For more information, take a look at the official SSR guide.

Suspense - new feature in Vue 3

In this article, we take a deep dive into the new Suspense feature that will be shipped with Vue.js 3. Suspense is a special component that renders a fallback content instead of your component until a condition is met.

CSS Modules in Vue.js

Part three in a series of articles about working with CSS in Vue.js, focusing on using CSS Modules in Vue.js.


GitHub - codebender828/breadstick


🥖A simple but flexible implementation of toast style notifications for Vue.js

GitHub - shiyiya/chart.xkcd-vue


A xkcd styled chart component for Vue.js based on chart.xkcd.

GitHub - banthagroup/fslightbox-vue


Basic version of Fullscreen Lightbox for Vue.js. [Demo page](https://fslightbox.com/vue)