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172Thursday, January 23, 2020
Good and bad news from the team; Vue-Watch – the go-to place for finding quality Vue libraries and more!


let’s start with the good news first. The vue-test-utils project has now 4 new maintainers: Jessica Sachs, Lachlan Miller, Dobromir Hristov and Adria Fontcuberta and they just shipped their first release of the library. So glad to have you all on board! Welcome to the gang!

As for the bad news – this is likely the first time I’m actually feeling sad to deliver the news since the inception of this newsletter. That’s because the long time member of the Vue core team – Chris Fritz – had decided to leave the team. We’ve meet a few years back at the first VueConf and ever since then I considered him a mentor figure to me. One of the nicest and smartest people I ever had the pleasure to work with.

If one of the reasons why you started using Vue were the amazing docs – this is largely due to him being the long time curator of the Vue documentation. But his work was more than just the docs. Chris has contributed to how the Vue core and the official supporting libraries look like right now. He has also helped establish good practices, the official style guide and (if you remember Vue 1.x) the migration helper. This and much more!

This is a huge loss for the team, the Vue-ecosystem and the whole community in general. We will be missing you Chris! 💚 Good luck in whatever you plan on doing next!

You can read the whole announcement here. It’s also a good place to say the much deserved “thank you” for all the heart he has put into Vue.

I wish you a great week,

Damian Dulisz


Release v1.0.0-beta.31 · vuejs/vue-test-utils · GitHub

Here it is – the first release of the vue-test-utils testing library under the new team! The changes include multiple fixes due to the removal of the sync-mode as well as several new features.

Vue Watch - Well-maintained Vue plugins scored and searchable

Having trouble navigating the vast ecosystem of open-sourced Vue components and plugins? Check out Vue Watch – the service lists tons of available Vue libraries and gives them a score based on how well maintained and tested it is among other criteria. On top of that, it’s fully searchable!

Portal functionality by LinusBorg · vuejs/rfcs · GitHub

A “portal” in the context of front-end UI frameworks is a component that allows to move its content to a different place in the document. This RFC introduces such a component built in Vue 3.0. For Vue v2.x you can use portal-vue.

Vue Vixens Day US 2020 – March 5, 2020, Austin, TX

Big news from the Vue Vixens! A day after VueConf.us, the foxy people behind Vue Vixens are organising a free one-day conference for all those who identify as women. The conference includes several talks and workshops – you really don’t want to miss it, especially if you are in town for VueConf.us.

Vue Vixens Annual Report 2019

Vue Vixens have done a trendemous job in 2019 organising 66 events within 16 chapters around the world! They shared all of the statistics in their yearly report. Fingers crossed for 2020!

Support for Vue.js 3.x · vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue · GitHub

If you are looking for Vue project to contribute to – here’s the perfect one to get started. The eslint-plugin-vue maintainers are looking for help adding support for Vue 3.0. This is a great opportunity to dig deeper into Vue 3.0 as well as general open-source development.

Nuxt.js UI Component Libraries with Buefy And Ant

You can use Nuxt.js with all kinds of Vue component libraries. In this video, Erik goes through both Ant and Buefy.

How to write a Vue.js app completely in TypeScript

Want to build a Vue.js app in TypeScript but don't know where to start? This tutorial demonstrates how to build a new TypeScript app using Vue CLI.

The Last Damn Vue ToDo App

I’d hope the last time was the last time, but here we are with yet one more ToDo App tutorial. Last one, I promise! This time Raymond is trading the indexedDB implementation for a Firebase/Firestore database including creating users. Which means, your ToDo app can be finally be used on multiple devices.

Vue 3 — The New Store

Here’s an interesting article on how you might be able to build your own Vuex alternative using the tools that Vue 3.0 provides you. Some people even predict that considering how straight-forward this is, Vuex might become unnecessary for certain projects and other alternatives might emerge.


GitHub - chrisvfritz/vue-enterprise-boilerplate


An ever-evolving, very opinionated architecture and dev environment for new Vue SPA projects using Vue CLI 3.

GitHub - coreui/coreui-vue


Over 90 Bootstrap based Vue.js components and directives