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189Sunday, January 24, 2021
Reflections for 2020-2021; Vue-Storefront raises $1.5M; Element UI for Vue 3.0 and more!

Hey there!

Welcome, to the first issue of 2021!

The Vue.js blog has been reactivated and can be found at blog.vuejs.org. There’s a new article posted – Reflections for 2020-2021. In there, Evan You is sharing some of the thoughts and team-wide plans for 2021. Definitely give it a read!

Vue-Storefront, a popular open-source project aimed at eCommerce has just raised $1.5M in the seed round. Congratulations to everyone involved! 🎉

Also, Element UI – one of the most popular component libraries for Vue – now has a Vue 3.0 version called Element Plus. You can read the announcement here. Check out the docs for the migration guide. And if you’d like to get started with it alongside Vite – there’s even an element-plus-vite-starter!

Speaking of Vue 3.0 libraries – have you heard of VueUse? The project, which started as a small collection of useful composables has grown by a lot! Just check out the list of available functions. They also just recently created a GitHub organization to host several useful libraries and projects like Vue-Demi.


Damian Dulisz

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Reflections for 2020-2021

Here’s a short summary of everything-Vue that happened in 2020 and some insight into the roadmap for 2021: ecosystem updates, migration tools, Vue 2.7 and more.

Vue Storefront raises $1.5M to turn the fastest growing open source eCommerce project into a business

You probably have heard of Vue Storefront – the open-source project that took the eCommerce world by storm! The authors managed to make it into a new company that has just raised $1.5M to further transform the shopping experience. Congratulations! 👏

🎉 Element UI for Vue 3.0 is coming!

Element UI is a very popular Vue component library for Vue 2.x. I’m very happy to let you know that the Element UI team has just released Element Plus for Vue 3.0! It fully supports Vue 3.0, including TypeScript and Composition API.

Quasar v2 with Vue 3 roadmap

Quasar – another popular framework built on top of Vue – is also planning to release a new, Vue 3.0 ready version. The roadmap says it should be ready somewhere in Q1 2021. Fingers crossed!

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Vite 2, a DX jump into the future

Here’s a great summary of all the new things coming with the new Vite 2.0 release! And if you’re interested in some extra bits of Vite’s development, you might want to (if you haven’t already) follow Evan You on Twitter!

Caching Vue Refs

Introducing self-managed-caching on server-side and client-side has a lot of benefits and can help you out when you need atomic control over your data.

Events and Callbacks: Parent/Child Component Communication in Vue

Did you ever run into problems because you forgot to update an event handler when renaming a custom event or changing the data it emits? Callbacks can solve this, but is it a good idea to use callbacks in a Vue app? Learn why callbacks are considered an anti-pattern in Vue and when to use callbacks instead of events in Vue.js.

Deep dive into the new zenith-watches.com

That one isn’t really all about Vue, but is an interesting piece nonetheless. The author explains the whole architecture of the new Zenith website, their usage of Vue-Storefront, and how it all works together.

How to use Nuxt components inside Storyblok Rich-Text editor

Find out how to add components directly in the Storyblok's Rich-text editor and how to create their implementation in Nuxt.

How to drastically reduce your bundle size and load time in Vue.js

Performance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to web applications. Here's how we reduced the bundle size and load time of our Vue.js app.

Creating Redirects With Nuxt

In this post we'll dive into the different ways you can create redirects with Nuxt.


VueUse | Docs


Collection of essential Vue Composition Utilities



Chūshō is a new library of unstyled and accessible components and tools for Vue 3.

GitHub - jameswylie/vue-email-autocomplete


A configurable & lightweight Vue wrapper component that enables "out of the box" email autocomplete/suggestions on input elements.