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190Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Vuex 4.0.0 is here! 🚀 New Vite docs and dedicated Discord sever; Vue Contributor days and more!

Hi everyone,

Great news! Vuex 4.0.0 (stable) for Vue 3.0 has been finally released! This is the version of Vuex that is 99% backward compatible with the old Vuex (v3) that you might be currently using in your Vue 2.x projects.

There are already works on Vuex 5, which will come with a completely revamped API. Stay tuned!

Heard of Vite? If you’ve been subscribing to this newsletter, you probably have! It just recently reached v2 (currently in beta), which makes it a completely framework-agnostic frontend build tool that is incredibly fast and extendable thanks to the plugin system. Just recently it received a brand new logo and now has a dedicated Discord server. Want to talk to other early adopters – join the server!

Events time! The Vue Contributor Days are coming on February 25th followed by the Vuejs Amsterdam conference the day after (Feb 26-27th). Both events are free, so don’t miss out!

I’d also want to thank my new sponsor – Thomas Findlay who has just recently released an advanced book on Vue. You might want to check it out now as it is 35% off this week! 💚


Damian Dulisz

P.S. Sorry for the delay this week. Bento went through a hip surgery last Friday (poor puppy) and required some additional attention through the weekend. He’s adjusting and is now posing as Count Dracula every time he wants food. Send treats.


Vite – New docs for version 2.0

Vite – the revolutionary frontend build tool, from Vue creator Evan You has been getting a lot of interest around the dev community, to the point where it now has a Discord server, new SSR docs and a fancy new Logo! If you are interested in the project, want to talk to other early adopters – definitely join the Discord sever.

Vue Contributor Days – February 25, 2021, 16:30 PM (CET)

Vue Contributor Days is a special collaboration between the Vue Core Team, This Dot Media, and Vue Amsterdam. Vue Contributor Days brings together contributors within the Vue community to discuss topics such as new initiatives, project roadmaps, how enterprises can get involved within the Vue ecosystem, and ecosystem projects.

Free Vuejs Amsterdam 24 hour Online Conference

Free Vuejs Amsterdam 24 hour Online Conference

*Join #vuejsamsterdam completely for Free via www.vuejs.amsterdam for 24 hours on 26-27 February 2021.

With Access to ❇️ 20+ #vue talks ❇️ Chat with Vue Developers & Speakers ❇️ Join Panel Discussions, Interviews & Speaker Q&A's for Free

Make Vue your Valentine!

Make Vue your Valentine!

Get 35% OFF of "Vue - The Road To Enterprise", the most advanced Vue.js book written. Best practices, advanced patterns and techniques for Vue 2 and Vue 3. Learn how to create blazing fast applications while writing clean, scalable and maintainable code.

#47 – New in Vue 3: Teleport

Teleport is a new feature in Vue 3.0, that allows you to teleport a certain fragment of the DOM to a different location in the DOM tree. This comes extremely useful for things like modals or popovers.

This is a part of the "New in Vue 3" series. You might want to also check out the next (#48) episode focusing on the Composition API.

✨ Inclusive components: making modals accessible 🧑‍🦯

At first sight, modals seem like a pretty straight-forward thing to build. However, if you care about accessibility (and you should!) it gets quite a bit more complicated. Here’s a great article explaining how to make your modals truly accessible.

Invalidating Computed with The Composition API

There are cases where you want to invalidate a computed prop you created and re-evaluate its value, this happens often if the computed prop uses non-reactive parts.

Learn Vue.js 3.0 With Tailwind CSS And Composition API in 2021 - Create A Pokémon app For Beginners

If you still feel overwhelmed at the thought of using the Composition API in your Vue apps, here is a pretty straight-forward introduction to it, along with Tailwind CSS.

vno: a vue / deno love story

Deno is a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Since you can’t use it directly with Vue-CLI (which requires Node.js), the community has created vno, a CLI tool for Deno to compile and bundle Vue single-file components. Impressive!

7 Vue Patterns That You Should Be Using More Often

A list of less-known tricks and patterns that can be useful across different use cases.

Write Vue like you write React

A short article that showcases how Vue with Composition-API and JSX compares to React with hooks. If you have some React friends that are big fans of React hooks that you want to convince to give Vue a try, you might show them this!


GitHub - open-source-labs/vno


A build tool for compiling and bundling Vue single-file components

Oruga UI


UI components for Vue.js and CSS framework agnostic