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99Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Vue-Land’s 1st anniversary! Vue-CLI has now a modern-mode


do you know that Vue has a Discord server called Vue-Land? Do you know that this particular server just had its first anniversary? If you don’t, go to chat.vuejs.org and join the 35000 users from all over the world. It’s a great place to get help with your code problems, discuss possible solutions or simply help others.

Speaking of communities and helping others – CMTY v0.3 has just been released. It’s a platform that makes it easier to build and manage communities around open-source projects. Created by the Chopin brothers – the creators of Nuxt.js.

Oh, and you might want to check the new Mand Mobile UI-kit. It looks really neat!


Vue CLI – Introducing modern bundles for evergreen browsers

The new release of Vue-CLI introduces the "Modern Mode", which makes it possible to compile your app into two different bundles. One for older browsers and one for evergreens. It will also automatically inject the required module and nomodule script tags in the final index.html. This will make modern browsers run the faster, smaller bundle that does not require a full Babel transpilation, while order browsers will fallback to the transpiled code.

Vue-Apollo – Brand New Docs

🚀 Vue-Apollo just got brand new docs. If you’re using Vue-Apollo or thinking about using GraphQL and Apollo in your Vue app, this is the place to visit!

CMTY Community – new release!

CMTY, the platform created by the Nuxt brothers for smoothing the collaboration between open-source project collaborators and users just got a 0.3.0 release. The release includes improved UI, notifications, and email support.

Advanced Components: Build a Reactivity System

Let's build a simple reactivity system using the very same techniques you’ll find in the Vue source code.

Building a desktop application – Heartbeat

Here’s a video series on how to build a desktop application responsible for monitoring and managing local services.

How to create a custom VuePress theme with Vuetify

VuePress ships with a default theme that’s perfect for documentation purposes. However, what if you would like to build your own theme? In this article, Derick Sozo explains how to build one using Vuetify.

Adding Vue.js to your stack

Trying to convince your boss to use Vue in your company? Do you perhaps need any examples of successful cases? Or migrations? Here’s a lengthy website by Monterail that should help you with that. It includes several case studies as well as other useful pieces of information that might help you make Vue happen in your next project.

Async Data Options in Vue's Nuxt.js

Here’s an overview of the many ways to fetch async data in a Universal application such as a Nuxt.js app. The article covers how to use those and when you should be using those for specific cases.

Building a VuePress site with the Netlify CMS

Quite often the argument against statically generated pages is that it is hard for non-developers to update. However, thanks to solutions like Netlify CMS this is no longer a problem. Here is a great article that explains how to configure it with VuePress.

Getting Started with building Mobile Apps with NativeScript and Vue.js

One more from Andre Liem, this time about NativeScript and how to use it to build a native mobile application. The article covers the initial setup and configuration as well as how to build some simple components.

Delegating HTML links to vue-router

Here’s a quite useful trick to make it possible to intercept clicks on classic links (that use href) and delegate them to vue-router instead of doing a full page reload.


Mand Mobile UI


A mobile UI toolkit, based on Vue.js 2, designed for financial scenarios. Rich, flexible, practical, quickly build high-quality financial products, making complex financial scenarios easier.

Showcase: Quickwords


Quickwords is an open-source productivity app, to get on with your work quicker