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186Friday, September 18, 2020
🍰 Vue.js v3.0.0 "One Piece" Released! 🎉 The State of Nuxt.js and more!


The time is now! Vue.js v3.0, codename "One Piece" has just been officially released! 🎉 Watch the announcement talk by Evan You!

This is a huge milestone for us that, to quote Evan You himself „represents over 2 years of development efforts, featuring 30+ RFCs, 2,600+ commits, 628 pull requests from 99 contributors, plus tremendous amount of development and documentation work outside of the core repo”. Along with it, of course, is the terrific work of the teams behind the new documentation and the surrounding ecosystem libraries like Vue-Router, Vuex, Vue-CLI, Vue-Devtools, Vue-Test-utils, Vetur and others!

Here are the release notes.

The new Vue Docs are available at v3.vuejs.org.

Enjoy! — Damian Dulisz


Vue.js v3.0.0 One Piece Released

Vue.js v3.0.0 One Piece Released

Today we are proud to announce the official release of Vue.js 3.0 "One Piece". This new major version of the framework provides improved performance, smaller bundle sizes, better TypeScript integration, new APIs for tackling large scale use cases, and a solid foundation for long-term future iterations of the framework.

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